One of our unique offerings is the design of DCC systems to support Surroundtraxx. Surroundtraxx by Soundtraxx is an innovative solution for locomotive sound in N and Z scale where it is difficult to fit the decoders onboard the locomotives or tenders. Installation of Surroundtraxx requires Digitrax Transponding. 

This is where DCC by Design can help. We have developed wiring plans to support Surroundtraxx for several layouts from straight forward multi track loops to complex mountainous scenery and sound interaction layouts like the double sided Clinchfield layout by Model Railroader.

Below is a video from one of our client's layout. We did the DCC system design including the implementation of the Surroundtraxx (which can be heard). Here is the link:


Have a interest in adding Surroundtraxx to your layout, just drop us a note and we can discuss your goals.

Today we posted information about our Surroundtraxx Integration Services. An offshoot of our Design Services, we have provided several clients with the necessary wiring plans to install and...
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