Local controls panels are just as important with DCC as they were before. Sure, one can use their throttle, but that is a cumbersome, multi-step process. All to frequently the train has derailed before you get through the steps to throw the turnout via a throttle.

At DCC by Design, we offer layout control panel design and construction.These panels can be either local control panels to suppliment computer based dispatching, or they can be the primary control method for your turnouts. Other options include displaying block occupancy information.

Our panels are designed to provide turnout control and provide block occupancy, if desired.


DSC 1763 (Large)

This panel provides turnout control linear view. Either Toggle or push button switches can be used to control turnout direction. All turnouts have two LEDs, which change color depending on the turnout setting. Green is use to shown the turnout direction. Red is used for the opposing direction.

Our control panels are:
  • - Tailored to your layout
  • - Designed for multiple (local) or single (layout) operating positions
  • - Made from two color engraved plastic, or full color printed aluminum
  • - Equipped with switches for turnout control via toggle or push buttons
  • - Provided with bi-color LEDs, generally two per turnout
  • - Delivered fully assembled, partially assembled or as a kit

McCarthy4 (Large)

This graphic is for a single (layout) operating position. All track and block occupancy is shown on this single panel.

Have a interest in other automation, just This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we can discuss your idea.

Additional Examples

Full Layout Control Panel

Aluminium Local Control Panel

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